From our high-efficiency ozonation packages to reverse osmosis systems, we offer sterilization, purification, and filtration solutions that fit your needs. The kind of solutions that blend technical excellence with uncompromising standards for water treatment options that are truly second to none.

Steri System
Bottled Water Filler Supply Package
30 to 300 gallons per minuteOur Steri System offers you the ultimate in water ozone transfer and filler supply packages. Designed to seamlessly blend high-efficiency with uncompromising standards, they’ll impress even the toughest health inspector. Standard systems are available in flow rates from 30 to 300 gallons per minute. Customized systems are also available.

  • High Efficiency, fully controllable generators, made by Clear Water Technologies, incorporated into every skid
  • Air prep or oxygen concentrators are standard to our system
  • Proprietary ozone absorption column for efficient and fast mass transfer
  • Level controlled surge tank to balance infeed and filler demand automatically
  • Real-time ozone monitoring and feedback to ozone generator available
  • Filler supply pump and controls built into skid, providing the exact fill requirement you need
  • PLC controlled

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In-Line Injection Systems
30 to 300 gallons per minuteSteelhead virtually invented the mineral injection system. In the beginning, it was called the facsimilator, and today we provide the best system on the market for the money. Incorporating feed forward control for proportional injection, on skid mineral concentrate prep, and TDS feedback, our system guarantees you accurate mineral blend for your product water.Steelhead also provides extremely accurate and affordable additive injection for blends incorporating juices, vitamins, oils and other hard to monitor ingredients. Systems for all flow rates and applications.

  • Sanitary or PVC injection manifold includes flow monitoring point, injection points, static mixer, and TDS monitoring point
  • High-performance injection pumps sized to match your needs and controlled proportionally for exact injection rates
  • Dual cone bottom mixing tanks standard in either poly or stainless steel, including high-performance propeller mixer, tank fill connection, low-level monitoring, and drain piping
  • PLC controlled for maximum flexibility and control
  • Entire system is pre-piped and wired on its own stainless steel support frame

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Tap and Brackish Water Systems
2,000 to 430,000 gallons per day

Steelhead designs and builds our own systems, always with your specific needs and budget in mind. Always on stainless steel frames and using plc controls, our systems are a step above, and made with the water bottler in mind. Whether it is one pass, two pass, or a brine recycle system, we can provide exactly what you need.

  • Pre-filtration always included
  • Vertical or horizontal membrane support to suit your space
  • Stainless steel vertical pumps
  • Stainless steel high pressure piping
  • Visual pressure and flow monitoring
  • TDS monitoring with high alarm and bypass
  • pH Monitoring available
  • Tank monitoring for auto operation of system
  • Auto Flush program
  • Cleaning system options available

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Steelhead can plan and incorporate a UV system into your flow process as needed. We proudly source and supply Atlantic Ultraviolet, SmartStream, and Atlantium per your spec. Just some applications are:

  • Spring water disinfection
  • Post RO treatment
  • RO Tank recirculation systems
  • Pre-ozone disinfection
  • Ozone destruct

From iron removal to steam cleanable carbon filters, Steelhead can engineer and supply your full filtration needs. We have 40 years of experience in water process utilizing the capabilities of our chemical engineering background. From the smallest flow to the largest, let us help you with:

  • Iron removal
  • Sediment filtration
  • Carbon filtration
  • Water softening
  • Micron filtration
  • Bag filtration