Every bottling line needs support equipment, and you can turn to Steelhead for recommendation and supply on items ranging from air compressors to ink-jet coders. We will incorporate equipment from both Steelhead and the finest suppliers into your bottling line design, and incorporate costs right into our quote so that you don’t have to source multiple suppliers yourself.

  • De-Cappers
  • Quality Control
    • Leak Detection
    • Sniffer (contamination detection)
  • External Bottle Washers
  • Material Handling
    • Conveyor
    • Rack Loaders and Unloaders
  • Videojet Printers
  • Tamperband Applicators
  • Labelers
  • Light Inspection
  • Compressors, Heaters, Etc.

Semi Auto and Fully Automated Systems
250 to 3,000 bottles per hour

The Steelhead semi auto de-capper is the perfect solution for bottlers with lines up to 450 bottles per hour with manual bottle loading of the conveyor. The SA600 de-capper will easily and quickly remove the cap from any bottle by simply inserting the bottle and depressing the foot pedal. We feature the SH high-speed auto de-capper for line speeds from 600 to 3,000 bph, in one (1), two (2), and three (3) head configurations. These systems can be placed directly over our conveyor or yours and easily adjusted to work on your 3 or 5-gallon bottles. Other features include PLC control, auto pass through for non-capped bottles, and auto-reject for missed bottles.

Leak Testing, Sniffing, and Vision
150 to 3,000 bottles per hour

Finding leaks and contaminants in your returnable bottle before sending it into your washer can save your thousands of dollars and hours in product recovery and clean up.

Steelhead features the Amsler Leak tester platform for polycarbonate, PVC, or PET returnable bottles. This system detects openings as low as 0.012 in. using very low-pressure air. Bottles are often found that would not even show a leak until placed on a cooler. We also offer a leak Tester Platform when both leak detection and sniffing are required.

Steelhead’s leak tester platform has the option for sniffing, allowing one machine to do two jobs. The sniffing system can detect very low levels of hydro carbon, nitrogen, and ammonia based contaminants.

This leak tester platform also provides vision systems that will look at the bottom of your bottle (the most common location of incoming debris) for anything not matching the profile of a clean bottle.

All systems automatically reject bottles that fail the test, allowing you to have a fully automated infeed line to your system.

Inline External Bottle Washers from 350 to 3,000 bottles per hour

For those applications or environments that require extra cleaning or heavy dirt and dust removal from bottle exterior, we offer inline external bottle washers with pressure wash and brushing systems. The advantage to this is that the major dirt load associated with the bottle can be removed prior to entry into the main washer, making the interior cleaning more effective and reducing our detergent consumption. In addition, it is much easier to manipulate the bottle for brushing and spraying while it is upright.

Bottle Unloading, Loading and Packaging
350 to 3,000 bottles per hour

For full automation front to back, Steelhead can incorporate rack unloading and loading as needed by our customers. Whether you want to eliminate only the heavy and difficult step of full bottle loading (minimizing injury and increasing line efficiency) or let the mechanical or
robotic system do both sides of the rack work, our systems can handle the work. We offer both mechanical and robotic solutions meeting both your budget and performance needs.If palletizing is your method, we have systems for that too. Semi Auto or fully automatic, from pallet and sheet manipulation to wrapping.Check with us for application for your existing or new line.